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" Terice is amazing--strong yet gentle hands"     "very relaxing and an amazing massage therapist"      "Delightful"     "Excellent Massage"

"I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and wanted to avoid surgery.  I was looking for alternative treatment and heard that massage therapy was one to try.  Since starting treatments from Personal Transformations and Terice Baiyewu about two months ago, I have noticed a nice improvement in my symptoms.  Previously, numbness and tingling in my hands awakened me throughout the night.  Since starting massage and essential oil therapy I have experienced a decrease of these symptoms by 50 to 60%. Symptoms during the daytime have also decreased.  I would recommend this massage and essential oil therapy on a regular basis to keep carpal tunnel at bay and controllable.   I'm very satisfied with the results and the added calming effect that massage has on my energetic personality."

                                                                                                     - Silvia C.  Kalamazoo, MI 

"I came down with a terrible cold before my scheduled massaged with Terice.  She introduced me to pure, certified therapuetic grade essential oils.  I was very skeptical that any of the oils would help at all.  My symptoms were horrible: congestion, very bad headache, sore throat, and I had lost my voice!  Terice asked me to put the oil  on my hands and inhale the scent during the first 10 minutes of my massage.  I noticed how quickly it cleared my sinuses and chest.  Terice ended my massage after rubbing a drop of oil  into the soles of my feet.  My massage was an hour long.  I walked out of that room feeling like a new person.  I could breathe!  My throat did not hurt and I was feeling terrible right before my massage.  A few hours later I felt amazing!  And the next day it was as if I had never been sick!  I am no longer skeptical about essential oils!"

                                                                                                                                                                             - Sarah

 Personal Transformations is focused on providing compassionate and high quality service tailored to your personal needs.   Please pay for services on location when rendered.  Credit Card and Pay Pal payments are subject to a small fee to cover payment processing fees. 

Personal Transformations has no intention of diagnosing, treating, or curing any disease.  Please inform your doctor or any other health professional of any supplemental treatment you seek to enhance your physical and emotional well being.  

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